Immigration detention in Belgium: Report of 2022

Today, JRS publiches their second annual report on immigration detention in Belgium. This report is divided in two main parts: the first one deals with general analyses, the second is dedicated to the statistics & highlights of the detention centres JRS visits.

The research shows once more that besides being inhuman, immigration detention is also far from being effective. Between 62 and 70% of persons were returned from the centres in 2022. This means that 30 to 38% of the people who were locked up were not returned while they are being detained for this purpose only. The figures of returns are further boosted by the "refoulements" and the vast majority of repatrations take place to countries whose nationals do not need a visa to come back to Belgium (Romania, Albania, Moldova,...). By pointing at the inefficiency of detention, we advocate for more humane alternatives.

The report also reveals that the detention of several categories of people was problematic in 2022. Now that the covid pandemic is over, the capacity of the centres increases and vulnerable persons are detained once more (pregnant women, persons with a disability or severe psychological issues as well as LGBT+ people). The systematic detention of Ukrainians at the border and of Moroccan nationals who are barely being repatriated are also questionable.

To find out more, read the report:
PDF - 1.2 Mio