Our partners

Our institutional partners
With the aim to increase the impact of its action, JRS-Belgium is a member of the following structures:

Located in Brussels, the regional office of the JRS in Europe is advocating for refugees rights at the European Union’s institutions. It coordinates the advocacy work of about 15 national offices of the JRS. JRS Belgium is part of the general assembly of JRS EUROPE.

Created in 1954, the CIRÉ (Coordination and Initiatives supporting Refugees and Foreigners) is a coordinating the work of 23 associations dealing with welcoming foreigners and migration issues. The JRS Belgium is a member of its general assembly and board of directors.

This umbrella organisation gathers together about fifty organisations and many volunteers from the Flemish region who want to advocate for the rights of the foreigners. JRS-Belgium is a member of its general assembly and actively participates in various workgroups.

The Belgian Committee helping refugees is specialised in helping asylum seekers, recognized refugees, and recipients of subsidiary protection. In 1993, the CBAR has become the operational partner of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Belgium. The JRS is a member of the CBAR’s general assembly and board of Directors. To this end, it participates in the monthly contact meeting that gathers official authority representatives in charge of migration policies and associations.

Brussels’ Translation and Interpreting Service in Social Environment provides second line interpreting services for the non-profit sector. The JRS Belgium is a member of its general assembly and calls on its interpreters for phone translations in closed centres or return-houses.